HOSPITAL.CC is a directory of Hospitals and Animal Hospitals on the Internet. This directory is still under construction and will be published and maintained on the Internet starting July 1998.
Internet directory of animal hospitals will have links to their web sites, so the visitors can view more detail information about each Animal Hospital.
A typical Veterinarian web site may contain information about services, procedures, specialities, phone numbers, direction, business hours, history, plans, employment opportunities, medical advises and much more.
HOSPITAL.CC is a service of New Jersey Industrial Research Center, Inc. and there is no charge for Hospitals and Animal Hospitals to be listed in this directory, but has no link for more information.!
a link to the hospitals' web sites is also free if the URL (Internet address) is in the form of. In this address x can be any name up to 15 characters. (for all other links,there is an $7.00 monthly fee.)
If you do not have a web site, we can help you to setup a free or fairly low cost web site. We can also help you to register an internet name for your hospital in the form of x.animal. or
Information about how to obtain and setup a web site will be mailed to you immediately or can be obtained by calling (973) 773-7355.
If you do not have a web site on the Internet, I encourage you to start one and I will be more than happy to help you on that